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Eye color and stereotypes in books…

Eye color and stereotypes in books….

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Daily Prompts in 2015

The Daily Post

We started publishing writing prompts on a daily basis back in October 2012 — a near-eternity in internet terms! 785 prompts and one free ebook later (not to mention tens of thousands of posts generated and shared in response to these prompts), we thought it was time to tweak the way we approach prompts on The Daily Post.

What’s new?

In the final days of 2014 we started publishing a mix of older prompts from our archives, along with the occasional new prompt. We still feature prompts suggested to us by our loyal, incredibly creative readers, and will continue to do so in the future (if you have a prompt idea please share it with us here). Everyone can still share their posts via pingbacks, which will appear in the grid below each individual prompt; the technical issues we’ve experienced with pingbacks last month have been resolved.

While daily prompts are currently…

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